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Finding Faith

I was Backstage at the UK Success Day the other day and I met a beautiful young family - a single Mom and her lovely young daughter. I believe the little girl told me she was 8. I’m going to call her Faith.

I wanted to tell you about this little family because in them, I recognized a lot of us. And as I listened to them, I thought about the millions of people around that world that have a similar optimistic and hopeful future because of Forever - even though they may be coming from a challenging past.


As we talked, Faith showed me the notes she had been taking as she listened to the Success Day speakers. She had written things like: be positive, overcome obstacles, smile from the inside out, work hard…etc. Everything she had written and drawn was positive and motivational. I was inspired by her work and her motivation to take notes and record her positive observations. I was also touched that Forever, through her Mom, was teaching her so many powerful and applicable life lessons.


All of us have a history and a journey that has brought us into Forever. Our stories are vastly different in detail but very similar in generalities.  Whether for personal development, health, financial, companionship or all of the above we are here to enhance our lives and resolve a concern or two.


Faith’s mom told me that in the past she had had some tough interactions that had dented her confidence, but now, through her new Forever relationships, trainings and increasing income she is feeling much better. I know she is not alone in this as I have met countless men and women around the world that are rebuilding and am grateful to all of the uplines, crosslines, customers, FBO speakers and presenters that are willing to help our FBO’s around the world feel better about themselves and build their confidence again. There is no better feeling than loving the person in the mirror!


As I said good-bye to Faith and her mom, they both expressed their gratitude for the Forever opportunity. I felt their hope and optimism for the future, it was an awesome feeling and I am grateful to them and all of you around the world that have chosen Forever as your vehicle to enhance your lives and the lives of those you love.


Our brief meeting inspired me, but I was also a little saddened by the thought that there are still too many families like Faith’s in the world that do not know about Forever. So many would benefit from what we offer. So, I want to challenge each one of you to do more. To talk to more people, make more phone calls, attend more meetings, share and use more products. I have let all of our Country Managers, GLT and staff around the world know that our new goal is to DOUBLE OUR SALES because I believe in you and I really feel the responsibility of sharing our opportunity with as many people as possible. I am convinced that if we all approach our recruitment as a search for “Faiths” rather than a search for case credits, we will be able to DOUBLE OUR SALES. Many will say “not yet”, I understand that, but many will say yes and who knows, one day you’ll meet a little girl and her beautiful mother and I can promise when you do, you’ll never forget them. I know I won’t!



Keep Smiling,

Gregg Maughan