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The Gift of Time

Do you remember that movie from a few years ago about a young man that had a remote control that could control time? I think it was called “Click”?  When I think about all that is going on in Forever around the world I wish I could borrow that remote control and slow down time to allow me to visit you all every year. Just think - we could use the remote to also speed up time to get us through the tough times a little quicker!

However, I have observed that when things get tough, we become more humble, kind and grateful and I think you’ll agree that these are great attributes! So maybe we don’t need to speed up time with that remote control. Maybe we need just a little more patience.

I remember reading a quote once that said: “the bad news is that time flies, the good news is that you are the pilot!”  

What a great thought. We may not be in control of time, but we are in control of what we do with our time. Take advantage of the new perspective that the New Year provides. Take time to examine the things you did and spent time on in 2016 that were worthwhile and the time that could’ve been better spent. How can you use your gifts and skills to give back to those around you?

This New Year, our plea to each of you is to share your talents and be ready to inspire others everywhere you go. There are millions of Forever FBO’s, staff, friends and family around the world that can be a positive force for good, if we are willing to share what we have with others. There is no limit to what can be achieved if you are willing to share. You see, this is the essence of success - when we are willing to share our talents, gifts and opportunities with others. It enhances their lives and, in turn, yours.

Even though the holiday season has drawn to a close, through Forever, we have the opportunity to give to others all year long. Give encouragement. Share kindness. Boost confidence. Be a Cheerleader. Share your time.

These gifts are the ones that will have a true, lasting impact long after the tinker toys and new electronics are forgotten. These are the gifts that have the opportunity to be truly life changing.

Thank you for your contribution in 2016 and we look forward to working and sharing with you into 2017 and beyond.


Forever Yours,


Rex Maughan